Our journey

We created GoldenWave because we were severely affected on many levels by our modern electronics—smart phones, WiFi routers, tablets, wireless home phones, smart meters, modern cars, and other strong EMF(ElectroMagnetic Field)/EMR (ElectroMagnetic Radiation) emitting electronics.

We first searched the worldwide market for a solution, but didn't find a device that would offer us up to 99%+ protection from and entirely reduce the EMF(Electro-Magnetic Fields) symptoms that we were experiencing. Our search yielded a few good options that we found to positively reduce some (but not all) of the harmful energetic, biological & clinical effects. We found that the Electro-smog was still proving too detrimental for us to be able to use our electronic devices freely.

This is mainly due to the fact that modern digital electronics utilize non-natural, polarized, erratic, high-peak pulse modulated EMF that made it very difficult for our bodies to protect itself from(We have evolved for very long time without these type of signals as a species). We have found that nowadays these various types of electro-pulses occur far too often (along with the resulted dirty electricity that we are exposed to), leading to cumulative exposure in the body which is a growing concern. 

Even at low EMF/EMR non-ionizing & non-heating levels, the human body still experiences harmful side effects like:

  • Lowered fertility

  • Neurological/NeuroPsychiatric like depression, headache, memory dysfunction, anxiety, stress, restlessness,

  • Cellular DNA damage and Impaired Repair Functions

  • Oxidative stress, Free Radical damage

  • Impaired sleep, Fatigue(Mitochondrial energy production disruption)

  • Endocrine(Hormonal) Disruption

  • Blood-Brain Barrier/Cell Permeability Issues Which Lead to Increased Toxicity due to environmental toxins

  • Excessive extracellular calcium ions

  • Cognitive dysfunctions like lack of concentration & ADHD

  • Cardiovascular

  • Cancer

And many other harmful effects which have been cited and proven throughout thousands of studies conducted Worldwide over the last 100 years. Here is a relatively recent(updated in 2017) well done compilation made by 29 scientists expert in EMF/EMR that went over many thousands of research papers around harmful EMF/EMR biological effects: Bioinitiative website. This is obviously alarming! The latest technologies like modern smartphones are way stronger,  emit many different signals types, far more often & given to children who are way more susceptible! We believe 5G Technology will be far more dangerous based on much increased usage, the frequencies, number of antennas and proximity needed by the network. Thanks to Dr. Martin Pall for the latest on the subject here.

Persons with EHS(ElectroHyperSensitivity) are way more affected at much lower exposure levels. You can learn more about it on Professor’s Belpomme and his Team website here.

You can go to our Science page to learn more about what is happening worldwide. 

We then decided to create the world’s first device that would protect us from these digital lifestyle devices. Electro-smog energies can create a field of imbalance and unrest, potentially leading to serious long-term disease in our physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual bodies in reaction to a nearly-constant stream of these disturbing dirty electric, magnetic, EMR fields.

We are really excited to now be able to make this device available to anyone concerned about their well-being and the well-being of their loved ones.

After over 10,000 hours of research & development in various bio-energetic fields, consistently endeavoring to further understand how EMF/EMR technologies interact with the human body & energetic systems and making sure we covered broad spectrum types of man-made signals at very high protection levels, we have finally created a real solid solution!

We have developed this powerfully-effective and innovative formula through the evaluation of nearly 1,000 natural materials & energetic remedies. GoldenWave's extensive testing processes on the energetic levels include, but are not limited to, Applied Kinesiology, bio-resonance, bio-feedback and GDV technologies, as well as enlisting the aide of dowsers, psychics, Electro Hyper Sensitive and energy-sensitive people.

We are now engaged in western medicine analysis and are in collaboration with MD and PhD holders specializing in EMF-effect studies showing the significant changes at biological and clinical levels that GoldenWave technology provides through short and long term usage. We are especially focused on people with EHS (Electro Hyper Sensitivity) who are severely affected by even very low EMF exposure. 

These all-natural devices were engineered with the safety of pregnant women, infants, children, and persons struggling with various serious health issues in mind. 

GoldenWave is a groundbreaking EMF-remediation device that protects against up to 99%+ of harmful biological effects from man-made technologies, makes you much more resistant to life stressors and optimizes body functions that you will enjoy for a long time!

Life Force Resonance, Inc. is a Social Purpose Corporation company that produces GoldenWave technology in California, USA and allocates part of their profit to equip schools and hospitals worldwide.

You can also visit our FAQ for more information regarding Goldenwave usage & tips for person having EHS.

We invite You to join the GoldenWave family and help make the world around you a better place! Be Safe, Feel Better!

90 Day Money Back Guarantee — Peace of Mind